Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ian T-ball

Ian decided he wanted to play T-ball this year and he loved it. Dad was able to help coach and they sure had a fun time. Here are some pictures of his season.

Tyler Yellowstone pictures

So as some of you know I enjoy taking pictures and since I have 2 cameras Tyler has picked up some great talent. Here are some pictures he took on our trip. The Grizzly bear picture and the fox picture he is going to enter in the Cache county fair.

May 2010 yellowstone

So as many of you know we love to go to Yellowstone. Well the end of May was a great time to go so we packed up our trailer and headed to West Yellowstone. I was so worried we were going to freeze with all the Snow, Rain, Sleet, but we were very warm and had a good time. We saw a lot of animals and we love to see them. We were lucky to see a Grizzly bear, a Black bear w/ a cup and another Black bear alone and a ton of Ian's favorite Buffalo! We decided to take a day trip down to Jackson and our Suburbans transmission went out.... You all know how stressed I get with car problems!!! We had wonderful and selfless family take time out of their Memorial Day weekend to come and save us! Thank you again to all of you who came up we are so blessed to have such great family! Here are some pictures of our trip.

Big pile of snow at Old Faithful

Mom and Zach

What a stud!
Another stud
And the 3rd stud!

Eric and the boys
Mom and the boys

Some people think this place is a petting zoo...

The day our suburban broke down...

Looking good!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So Camille and I noticed that we haven't updated the blog in a long time... So I will try to post some pictures later. We had a wonderful Christmas with family and enjoyed the time thinking of our Savior. Zach had another fun basketball season and scored many points and really enjoyed it. Ian is waiting and waiting for T-ball to start and keeps asking! Ian is doing great in preschool and really enjoys it. Tyler decided that he wanted to try wrestling and he really enjoyed it he recieved 3 different medals, he took first in one tournament and then in the state tournament he took 6th in his weight division. It is amazing to see our boys grow and at times I wish they would stop. Hopefully I can get on soon and get some pictures added!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

New Family pictures

So it has been awhile since I have updated this blog. We have been busy and it has slowed down for a minute, but about to start up again! I have been very busy taking a ton of pictures for Tyler's football team. They lost in the 2nd round of the playoffs to the team who won the "mini bowl" in their division, it was a fun season and they had some great games. Zach is starting basketball and is very excited to start that. Tyler is now going to try wrestling we will see how that goes! Ian has been in pre-school at Little Monsters and has loved it 2 days a week. I can't believe how fast these boys are growing it is so amazing to me!! Anyway here are some pictures of the family that I took.

Tyler, Zach and Ian

Popeye, Picachu, Valiant Knight in Shining Armor

Tyler's art work

Zach carving his pumpkin
Ian little pumpkin
Great Grandma and all of her Great Grandkids on Camille's Side.